We take pride in being involved in the paper-making process from field to sheet. Our eco-friendly papers are made from a blend of hemp fibers and post-consumer waste, utilizing hemp fiber percentages ranging from 15 to 100% depending on the stock and its application. Our certified carbon-neutral products meet the highest environmental standards, and our decade-long experience in developing hemp paper ensures exceptional performance.

  • Deforestation Deterrence: By adopting our hemp paper, your corporation can help decrease demand for tree pulp and mitigate deforestation rates

  • Carbon Sequestration: By choosing our hemp paper, your company is actively contributing to reducing atmospheric CO2 levels.

  • Energy-conscious Manufacturing: Hemp fibers require fewer chemicals and less water for pulping, demonstrating our commitment to reducing energy consumption.

We are committed to innovation and sustainability, making our products the go-to choice for businesses of all sizes, from major corporations to small enterprises.

Beyond traditional printing and packaging, our papers find use in rolling and filter papers, beverage filters, paper straws, plates, cups, packing paper, reinforced tape, mailers and envelopes and more.

New Growth Paper Offers an ExtensiveRange of Paper Weights

Our versatile papers can be converted into various packaging formats such as folding cartons, display boxes, and corrugated materials as well as flexible packaging.

Help Protect Old Growth Trees With New Growth Paper